Student Chef by Moses

When I first arrived in College of Saint Benilde, I expected to learn more on the managing and business side of the hotel. Then I saw the subjects with lab on them at first I was nervous with Chemlab, I thought it would be chemistry all over again (I had a hard time with chemistry when i was in high school) . I asked other people about it, but at first all the people I was with weren’t SHRIM since I was irregular (I was a transferee). When class started I then realized that it was actually a class in the kitchen and they called there kitchen classes lab classes. I had a great sigh of relief once I realized this and proceeded to attend the class. When we started cooking in class this means I am officially a student chef. The fist few dishes were hard since I am used to letting the house help do the cooking for me, but I learned to enjoy cooking. The lab class turned out to be very fun and I really enjoyed all the main course dishes we did, especially sinigang. When we cooked sinigang it was very delicious and it feels different,if you are the one who cooked the dish and it tastes good. There is a sense of achievement and its as if you put your passion and love into that dish. Being a student chef is fun you can cook with friends and teach them some tips and tricks. Aside from being fun I know that being a chef is all about the passion for food and service, and I definitely have passion for both.


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