Travel the World with Me!

Ever since I was a child, I could always remember my family going to different places either out of the country or just out of the city. I can remember that almost every year we would go to Baguio and stay there for a bit before returning back home. The first time I rode a plane I think I was around 8 and my first out of the country was HongKong. I don’t really remember much about my experience back then, but I think that’s how the wanderlust in me started.

Fast forward to today, November 2015, I have been to a number of countries and provinces. I have revisited HongKong and China more than once. I have been to Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Korea. I have traveled all the way to the United States of America and recently have gone to France. I have also been to Boracay, Alaminos(Pangasinan), Laguna, Pampanga, and soon to Palawan and maybe Bohol by the end of this year. 12241571_10208081672744359_3346574233625275196_n.jpg

I enjoy travelling not just as a leisure activity, but as a way for me to see the world and experience different cultures. When I travel to a place, I want to be able to see everything, try everything, and taste everything. I value the journey and the experience that the place can offer me. Aside from that, what I like most about travelling is being able to make memories that would last a lifetime with either family or friends. So while you’re young, go out and travel the world! It is something you will never regret; go explore, go experience, live your life.



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