The Life of A Student Chef by Lara

One of the things I love the most doing is to cook even though I’m not really good at it but I believe that I can always learn how to. So, as I encounter third year college, I have this cooking class wherein we cook different food, pasta, soup, salad, or desserts. What’s nice about my school is that they teach us how to do a specific food or ingredient from scratch. I also learned how to make the mother sauces. As I get to learn more recipes, I get more interested in cooking. Actually, I wanted to focus more on baking. My dream business is a coffee shop and having my one pastry shop. Check out my pictures from school below this!




I have learned a lot in my school. In my class, our professor would give us time to do our mise-en-place for the dish then, time for the actual cooking, then time for serving. The funniest thing to do is the plating of the dish. SInce we don’t know much about plating, we usually garnish dish with parsley and it always looks presentable with it. It’s not just about learning how to cook, it is also about knowing the good and the bad. the do’s and don’ts of cooking. Of course, proper hygiene and complete chef’s uniform is the number one rule in cooking.

I believe in the saying the if you love what you do, and do what you love, you will be successful in life. I also learned that you should cook from the bottom of your heart as it makes the food tastes good!


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