The Life of a Student Chef: Sherwyn

If you’ve read my introduction post, then you would know that I am currently taking up International Hospitality Management and not Culinary; however, we still do happen to have cooking classes. I must admit I have always wanted to learn how to cook and bake since I was a mere child, so finding out that we had cooking classes as well was exciting for me and I think everyone felt the same.


When we had our first meeting, we were all filled with excitement that we get to learn to chop, cook, follow recipes, and bake. However, it wasn’t always easy especially since we didn’t really know a lot about cooking. It took us quite awhile before we even understood the different types of slices, cooking methods, and cooking equipment that we needed. You would always see us asking questions whether this was the right vegetable or did we follow the recipe correctly.11953063_10207645917170742_7288223204565222707_n.jpg

We were always nervous that we might not finish the dish on time or that we cooked it wrongly. But despite all the reservations, we did have a lot of fun learning the basics and being able to produce something by the end of each class. We were always proud of whatever we were able to present to our chef even though at times it was a bit too salty or it tasted too bland. We were just happy that at the end of the struggle, we were able to produce a dish. 12011224_10207734270179512_694213231155619323_n.jpg


We still have a few more meetings to go before our cooking class officially ends, but I know for a fact that I would still be cooking outside of this class.


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