Restaurant Review 2: Yardstick

After having lunch in a nearby Restaurant, we decided to have some dessert and coffee from Yardstick as we have heard good reviews about it.

Upon entering the cafe, we were met with the bright colors and playful theme the cafe portrayed. The mood was casual yet classy in a way that intimidation is far from our minds.The Baristas were friendly and greeted us with a smile. You could see that they were enjoying their work and they were very accommodating.


The interior of the cafe was unique! Although I have to be honest, it was kind of confusing to find the counter because there were so many tables. One way on another, you would recognize a Barista Joyfully smiling at you drawing you to his direction.


The menu was very eye catching. All the colors go well with each other. I also like the variety of coffee available. For the food though, we were not able to find a menu. We had to ask for the prices from the Barista himself. I’m guessing this is more convenient for the cafe because different desserts may vary per day.

For my coffee, I ordered an Iced Black. For me, trying out the basic may say alot about the quality of their coffee. Usually, if I don’t like a Cafe’s plain black coffee, I don’t bother ordering any other type of coffee in that cafe.

(Was not able to take a picture of the Iced Black) Their Iced Black was so good I wanted another one! It wasn’t so bitter and wasn’t bland. I loved how balanced it was. So far, one the best that I have tasted around the Makati Area! 🙂

For Dessert, my friends and I ordered Lemon tart and a Chocolate Cookie.

12242300_10208101594362387_1753371791_n 12231302_10208101593762372_1475598610_n

The Lemon tart was just right. It was good for sharing – given it’s strong flavor, we couldn’t eat much. 2-3 bites were enough. For the Cookie, it was actually good! It was chewy and quite big. Inside the cookie, we found some crushed oreo cookies as well. It paired well with the Iced black!

There are still so much coffee and Pastries to try in Yardstick and we can’t wait to try the rest! It’s a good place to hangout and chill with friends. We love the friendly staff and the ambiance is superb. So if you happen to be around the Makati area, don’t forget to drop by Yardstick for your daily dose of Coffee and sweets! 🙂



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