About Lara!

Hey! I am Lara Mae P. Balandra and I consider myself a food hunter. I am 18 years old, born and raised in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Growing up in a Muslim country, I don’t really like eating pork. It’s hard because the most delicious Filipino dishes are pork dishes; Adobo, for example.

I am currently taking up Bachelor in Science International Hospitality Management. Yup, I am not taking up a degree major in culinary arts. However, I am planning to focus myself in cooking especially in baking. I love all food so it’s hard for me to have a favorite. Not just I love to eat but also I love tasting new food and knowing how it’s made.

I am the kind of person who loves potatoes. I love French fries, mojos, potato croquettes, hash brown, or chips. Anything that is made from potatoes. I love eating salty and sweet food. Yes, I know, it’s very unhealthy. But! I am so thankful to those who create those unhealthy foods into a healthy one. For example, sugar free ice cream, chocolate chip cookies made from oats to make it healthier. That is one of my dream, to put up a restaurant that serves organic food because that is what everyone wants, a delicious food that doesn’t make you fat at all but instead, makes you healthier.



I am sure that everyone needs food. I mean, who doesn’t love food, right? There are just people who loves trying out different food, and I am proud to say that I am one of them! So that is me, now you know me and how much I love food. Why don’t you share yours? Join us in our food hunting!


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